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White Flowers

Dara O'Malley

"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 

"I take my inspiration from the intricacy of floral patterning and the brilliance and range of their color; and the many shapes  and forms that leaves take. From a young age I drew and painted landscapes and still lifes of botanicals. Years later, after getting my BFA in illustration and working as a graphic designer and illustrator, I studied metal smithing and realized I could create three dimensional botanical forms and apply my skill in drawing and painting to the metal to combine both of my creative loves. This method gives me the option of creating pieces in silver and gold as well as full color.


Most of my work is one of a kind, hand cut, forged, and soldered pieces or hand carved in wax and then cast to create pieces that can be manipulated in many and varied ways. Different finishes, paint, pencil, varnish, patinas and semi precious stones all add to the beauty of each piece."

-Dara O'Malley

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